Automatic Rectifiers for Cathodic Protection Systems V-OPE

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Automatic rectifiers are the current sources used for cathodic protection systems. Cathodic protection is used to eliminate the possibility of soil corrosion for the underground metallic constructions – fittings, oil product reservoirs, metallic water and gas pipelines. Direct current generated by a rectifier runs to protected elements and gives the negative potential to a metallic part. The device is used to measure and to automatically maintain the necessary value of the potential.

Automatic Rectifier V-OPE-ТМ-1(2)-42-48-U1(2)

  • Rectifiers V-OPE-ТМ-1 should be mounted in the open air (Protection Category IP34), V-OPE-ТМ-2 should be mounted in the buildings (Protection Category IP10).
  • The device maintains constant value of the supplied current at the decrease of the input voltage to 160 V.
  • The device can be used with double output voltage (2U=96 V).
  • Telemechanical equipment can be connected for remote control and management of device parameters.

Automatic Rectifier V-OPE-М6-S0(С1, С4)-15-24-У2

  • Abbreviations S1, S0, S4 mean the presence of electricity meter. S1 stands for a single-rate meter, S4 means a four-rate meter, S0 means that the device is not designed to have an electricity meter.
  • Climatic category of the unit is U2, it should be placed in a building.
  • Nominal output voltage for a rectifier is 24 V, in a double voltage mode it is 2U=48 V.
  • The device works both in an automatic mode of maintaining the necessary potential value and in a manual mode. Remote control through a telemechanical equipment is also possible.
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