Analyzer of Corrosion Monitoring IKP

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Analyzer of Corrosion Monitoring IKP TU 3435-007-51996521-2009

Analyzer of Corrosion Monitoring АIKP is a pocket-sized portable self-contained microprocessor device to be used for quick maintenance of corrosion sensors. It stores and sends the information about the sensor conditions to the computer. Being connected to the corrosion sensor, the analyzer initializes and identifies it, scans its plates, exchanges the data with the sensor’s memory chip. The analyzer calculates and displays rate (mm/year) and the corrosion wear from the time when the sensor is mounted (mm). Total corrosion and its average rate are checked by regular monitoring of the plates-sensors’ conductivity.

The device is supplied with CD with pre-installed software which organizes the database from the data collected by the analyzer. The diagrams monitor the changes in the corrosion processes, are helpful in locating the control points over a territory, pipeline’s wall wear is visually assessed. The analyzer is also supplied with a network adapter, USB cord to enable you to connect it to the computer, a plug on a measuring connector, a cover and a datasheet.

Advantages of AIKP

A housing is made from an impact resistant polymer. USB connectors and power connector are protected from dirt with a shutter. A measuring connector to connect a corrosion process sensor has a plug. Analyzer’s internal memory can store the information about 500 sensors. AIKP is supplied with software which specifies and stores the data about the corrosion processes of the controlled facility.

Application Areas and Operating Environment for AIKP

The analyzer is used in oil, gas, power, chemical industries, etc., which are known for the exploitation of the underground metallic facilities.

The device is reliable and operates within the temperature range -10 — + 45 °С and with the maximum relative humidity 75 % at +27 °С.

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