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What is Cathodic Protection Station (SKZ)?

Cathodic Protection Station (SKZ) is equipment to protect underground metallic facilities against electrochemical corrosion. It is a machine to convert current – when the necessary parameters are reached, the converted current changes the potential of the protected metal, thus turning it into a cathode together with a grounding electrode. Stations SKZ are mounted along the pipeline routes. They are configured from:

  • test point;
  • connecting wires and cables;
  • power supply source (network or autonomous);
  • anodic grounding.

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Types of Equipment

When buying Cathodic Protection Station, please mind that prices on the equipment depend on its specifications and additional functions available for a particular model.

Output voltage can be adjusted automatically at cathodic thyristor and manually at the points where the operators switch transformer windings. An automatically adjusted voltage device monitors the indicators of the soil resistance, stray currents and other factors negatively affecting the protection and adjusts its work.

Automatic adjustment is made:

  • by current (galvanized converters);
  • by the potentials of the protected constructions (potentiostatic converters) – pipeline’s potential is supported with the signal coming from a reference electrode, while the total potential is supported more often. We can also deliver SKZ with polarized potential adjustment.

SKZ can be divided into two groups by its designs: the ones based on a transformer diagram and the ones based on inverter-type converters.

The device can be equipped with the mechanisms aimed to join it with telemetric systems to control and to manage SKZ parameters in a remote mode.

The devices can operate in an open air (Location Class 1) and in the buildings (Location Class 2).

Unit-Modular devices (BSKZ) are connected to alternative current network from air or cable lines, direct current runs from cables. Dimensions of a module depend on the type of voltage input line, presence of stepping down transformer, the number of units.

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