Thermo Bulbs PAS-50

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Thermite Bulbs PAS-50 are used to weld aluminum electric transmission line cables. Thermite Bulbs easens the welding process for the aluminum elements and decrease the labour costs on these processes.

Principle of Thermite Welding for Cables

Thermite Welding is considered to be one of the easiest and widely spread method to weld the aluminum elements. The Bulbs consists of power mixture of magnesium and iron cinder which is the oxygen source. When being heated and melted, the mixture gives strong connection of the welded elements. Melted metal is absorbed by the porous structure of magnesium which results from oxide reaction, thus no liquid slags are developed in thermite welding. The cable ends are placed in the channels of a thermite bulb PAS-50 which is later ignited with special thermite matches. The joint made by thermite welding remains durable at static or dynamic loads, this gives this welding type advantages in case of electric transmission line construction in the areas with mechanical loads. No additional materials and equipment are used for welding with thermite bulbs PAS , thus this connecting method becomes more popular.

Usage Recommendations

  • It is recommended to use thermite bulbs PAS when connecting aluminum cables under high humidity or with aggressive substances in the surrounding air.
  • The main problem arisen with material welding is quick aluminum oxidation. Prior the works associated with thermite bulbs it is recommended to treat the surface of the welded elements with a fluxing agent which prevents further oxidation of the welding pool.
9 mm diameter cables are joined with the thermite bulbs PAS-50. To weld the elements with other diameters, other types of thermite bulbs from 14 types PAS are used (diameter of the welded cable is from 5 to 32 mm). Check the price for Thermite Bulbs PAS-50 and leave your request at 8-800-250-11-83 or send a request at
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