Test Stations KIP.L (Lider)

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Test Stations KIP.L are used to monitor (control) the parameters of electrochemical protection and to label pipeline routes. They provide access to the conductors when measuring the polarized and differential potentials of the facilities buried in soil and protect these facilities from corrosion. Troubleshooting devices from the protected underground metallic structures are connected to KIP.L to control the parameters.

The post of the Test Station is mounted at gas, oil, water pipelines and other underground metallic facilities.

KIP.L Features

KIP.L post has a foot to be positioned in soil and the upper part. The post should be put into typical soil at the depth of 0.8 m, at the sandy or swampy soil at the depth of 1.3 m.

A terminal box in an assembled cabinet at the top of the post, depending on KIP model, has up to 18 terminals. Different models of posts have different combinations of measurement and power terminals. The measurements are made by connecting the specialized devices to the terminals. The elements for the manual adjustments are inside the cabinet as well.

The terminal box is supplied with a cover with a lock to prevent unauthorized access to KIP.L. The post is equipped with an anchor to protect from theft or easy removal from the soil.

The post of Test Station KIP.L operates at the ambient temperature range -50 – +50 °C. The equipment can be manufactured for both inhabited and non-inhabited zones. In the first case the post can be installed over the soil surface, while in the latter case it is placed as a cover – at the ground level. KIP.L models with telemetry transfer the measurement data to a computer of Electrochemical Protection Department. KIP.L can be supplied with additional devices of corrosion prevention system, route signs, spare tools and accessories.

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