Aluminum Anodes PAKR-8, PAKR-10, PAKR-12, PAKR-15, PAKR-18

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An Aluminum Anode has one critical advantage – low polarization capacity. Therefore, it is used to protect the constructions which are employed in sea water, as well as port constructions and structures erected on coastal shelf. The Anodes are also used to protect the reservoirs with fresh water, ballast tanks. Aluminum Anodes are made from aluminum – zinc – mercury and aluminum – zinc – stannum alloys.

Main Types of Aluminum Anodes

Aluminum Short-Circuited Reservoir Anode PAKR protects the internal surfaces of oil-settling tanks, separators, reservoirs and other facilities against corrosion. These products are manufactured in the shape of a 2,800 mm long rod with 40 – 60 mm in diameter. When installed, the rods are electrically welded in long anodes. They are placed at the bottom of reservoirs in the shape of concentric circles with a particular step. Anode Rods PAKR with 3,000 – 8,000 mm length and 40 – 60 mm in diameter are used to protect the inner surfaces of the water, water solution and watery oil transportation pipelines.

Band Anodes PBA and UPBA protect the joints of the oil field pipelines. Semi-ring Aluminum Anode PBA is placed in inner surface of the pipeline ends.

Anodes from aluminum alloys AP1, AP2, AP3, АP4, and АP4N are used to protect the underwater elements against corrosion: ship hulls, drilling units for oil extraction, gas and oil pipelines, oil-settling tanks. Single Aluminum Short-Circuited Anodes P-КОА from alloy grade AP3 are used to protect the side inner walls of the oil-settling tanks SVR (steel vertical reservoir). Short-Circuited Anodess from overactive alloy AP-4N are used to protect the bottoms of the reservoirs which suffer from accumulation of paraffin-sand deposits.

EHZ-CENTER offer Aluminum Anodes to solve the tasks of corrosion protection. Aluminum Anode PAKR is supplied in accordance with the dimensions and section of the client’s needs.

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